2020 National Convention and Supreme Growl

Has Been Cancelled.

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Letter from the Chief

OFFICE OF The 59th Chief Devil Dog

DATE 16 March 2020

Woof, woof to all MODD Kennel Staff members and to all Members of the Order. As many of you are aware, the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 (commonly called Coronavirus) and how it is affecting our Country has been dominating the news across the Country. Various stages of precaution have been issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center of Disease Control (CDC). I would be remiss if I were to ignore these constantly updated warnings and not state my professional opinion and advice as both your Chief Devil Dog and as a Marine.

The warnings being provided by the CDC recommend that Americans should avoid large group congregations of people; what was defined as being 100 or more people a week ago, has now been lowered to 50 by the CDC. No matter what our opinion is of the Media, which in many of our opinions has caused Nationwide panic, the CDC has set guidelines with the safety of everyone considered. As much as I wish to travel to the Division Conferences, the Pack and Pound Growls taking place over the next few weeks, I must advise against these conferences and Growls taking place. I feel we owe it to our membership to look out for their health and welfare and not ignore the warnings of the agencies who are providing these medical guidelines.

I recently read the letter sent out from the Marine Corps League National Commandant and in the very first paragraph, he states, “The Marine Corps League has the responsibility and obligation to ensure that our membership and their families have the safest environment possible”. This recommendation from our Commandant should not be taken lightly and for us to risk the safety of even one member is not worth the pain or suffering should another group be exposed to this disease. This is a disease that is new to the books when it comes to humans. It is as it has been proven deadly to personnel who have prior respiratory problems as well as to other groups of people.

Schools across the Country have been closed for several weeks in an attempt to control the spread of exposure. Workplaces have closed their doors, restaurants and stores have closed. All this to follow the CDC’s guidelines and suggestions on how to avoid the spreading of the virus.

I ask that you consider the rescheduling or cancellation of our events in order to comply with the CDC guidelines. Our Military installations have been placed on alert status, State and Local Government agencies have placed restricted work requirements in many areas of the Country. This is not to be taken lightly; I urge you to reconsider holding your larger scale Conferences and Conventions; let’s consider the health and safety of our members and avoid large scale meetings in accordance with the Center of Disease Control. Let’s do our part to minimize the effects of this virus so that we can live and fight another day.

As Always, I remain Semper Fidelis
Semper Woof

59th Chief Devil Dog